Nonprofit VOTE’s webinar series fills an information void on voting and elections in the nonprofit sector.  Webinars are free of charge for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.  They are recorded and made available on-demand online, along with the PowerPoint presentation and audio file.  See our full 2012 webinar lineup and visit our past webinars page to download or view previous webinars.

Ready, Set, Register: Nonprofit Voter Registration

Thursday, June 14th at 2:00 Eastern, 11:00am Pacific

Registering to vote is the first step to becoming an active and engaged voter. In 2008, nine out of ten registered voters cast a ballot; among those who did not vote, many noted that they encountered problems with their registration. Join us for more on how your nonprofit can ensure that your clients and constituents are registered to vote and able to participate in this year’s election! We’ll help you create a voter registration plan, develop strategies and tactics for registering community members, ensure you remain nonpartisan, and more.

Featured Presenter: Isela Gutiérrez-Gunter is the Nonprofit Outreach Coordinator at Democracy North Carolina in Durham, NC. She has worked as an advocate for statewide juvenile justice policy reform in Austin, TX, and on local drug policy reform efforts in Seattle, WA. She has a BA in History from Scripps College in Claremont, CA, and will receive her MSW with an emphasis on Community, Management, and Policy Practice from UNC Chapel Hill in August 2012.

What Nonprofit Staff Can Do: Voter Engagement at Work and Off the Clock

Thursday, June 28th at 2:00 Eastern, 11:00am Pacific

Outside of work, nonprofit employees are free to volunteer for political campaigns or engage in other partisan political activities. However, it is important to make clear distinctions between personal and professional efforts, as all voter engagement activities on behalf of your nonprofit must be completely nonpartisan. Join us for a range of nonprofit staff do’s and don’ts as well as how to make transparent divisions between your nonpartisan work on the clock and your partisan activities off the clock.

Featured Presenter: George Pillsbury is the founder and Director of Nonprofit VOTE. Prior to starting Nonprofit VOTE, he founded and directed MassVOTE, as well as several foundations dedicated to community uplift. His work in the fields of philanthropy, social investing, and voter and civic participation spans three decades.

National Voter Registration Day: How to Get Involved

Thursday, July 12th at 2:00 Eastern, 11:00am Pacific

On September 25th, 2012 thousands of nonprofits, businesses, and volunteers across the country will band together for National Voter Registration Day–an effort to encourage and assist all Americans to register to vote ahead of the November 6th presidential election. Join us to learn how your nonprofit can participate in this nationwide effort and utilize the opportunity to help register your clients, constituents, and community members.

Past Webinars

Nonpartisan Voter Participation Basics for Nonprofits: Are you curious about how your organization can get started doing voter engagement work? In this hour long webinar, we’ll cover the basics of nonpartisan voter engagement for nonprofits, including voter registration, voter education, candidate engagement and Get Out The Vote efforts.

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Voter Participation Basics for Nonprofits Description: Learn voter participation basics for nonprofits and social services agencies. This webinar will focus on principles and ideas for doing voter registration, voter education, engaging the candidates and getting out the vote — in the course of activities you already do.  Plus, where to go for voter participation materials and resources.Past Webinars

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Voter Registration Basics for Nonprofits Description: This webinar focused on principles and ideas for doing voter registration, with discussion of basic strategies and tactics, the importance of registration at point of service, the need for follow up after registration and resources for learning more about voter registration in your state.

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Voter Registration and Voter Education for Nonprofits Description: The two months before the election are a good time to focus on both voter registration and voter education. The webinar will review best practices for conducting voter registration at your agency or in your community and doing voter education.

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Voter Education for Nonprofits Description: The final month before an election is a good time to focus on educating your constituents about the what, when, where and how of voting. The webinar will review best practices for conducting voter education at your agency or in your community.

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Voter Education and GOTV for Nonprofits Description: In the final weeks before the election, you will want to focus on both education and getting out the vote. This webinar will review best practices for doing both – at your agency or in your community.

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GOTV and Election Day for Nonprofits Description: In addition to working on getting out the vote in the weeks before Election Day there is a lot you can do on Election Day itself. This webinar will review best practices for doing both.

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Nonprofits Increase Voter Participation, New Research from the Field Description: A new study documents the impact nonprofits have when they talk to their clients and constituents about voting. Professor Kelly LeRoux discussed her study that tracked the outcomes of nonprofit service providers that contacted their clients/constituents about voting. Conducted during the 2010 midterm election with assistance from Nonprofit VOTE and the Michigan Nonprofit Association, the study reveals that when nonprofits discuss voting with clients, their likelihood of both voting and talking to their families and friends about the election increased. Professor LeRoux, the principal researcher, shared her findings and discussed the implications for nonprofits and our role in increasing voter participation in 2012 and beyond.

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Power in Numbers, Putting 2010 Census Data to Use Description: If you work for a nonprofit, chances are you’ve come across or used Census data. Learn more about how you can access and use this powerful data. Whether you’re an expert at using Census data, an intermediate, or brand new, this webinar provides practical tips and takeaways for finding, using, and applying Census information to your organization’s mission, programs, and fundraising.

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Getting a Seat at the Table, What Nonprofits Should Know About Redistricting Description: The redistricting process effects our communities, our missions, and our funding for the next decade. Learn some redistricting basics and how your nonprofit can be invovled.

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Nonpartisan Candidate Forums, Building Political Clout for Your Nonprofit Description: Hosting a nonpartisan candidate forum gives your nonprofit the opportunity to educate candidates on the issues that matter to your organization and the communities you support. Hosting or co-sponsoring a candidate forum can also help your organization build relationships with future elected officials, making it easier to hold them accountable and giving you greater access to them once in office. Join us to learn more about techniques for organizing an effective candidate forum, how to stay nonpartisan throughout the process, and for tools to help you every step of the way.

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Think Locally: The Value of Municipal and Local Elections: Held Thursday, August 18th, 2011
Voter turnout is typically lower in local elections than in national or statewide races. City and other regional elections give your nonprofit an unparalleled opportunity to boost turnout, simply by encouraging your clients and community to vote. Because local elections are intimate affairs, your organization can also build rapport with local candidates and elected officials who make many decisions that directly affect your organization and community.

Featured Presenters: Efrain Escobedo is the Executive Liaison for the Los Angeles County Registrar and Recorder, overseeing local elections throughout the county. He also assists nonprofits interested in engaging in the electoral process. Lindsey Hodel is the Director of Training and Partnerships for Nonprofit VOTE, helping nonprofits across the country implement successful voter engagement programs. She has experience running a variety of voter engagement campaigns, both in Colorado and nationally.

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