Get Started

Make a Plan

Creating a clear plan in advance for your voter engagement activities can help ensure that your efforts are successful. Learn more here.

Voter Registration

Registering voters that are excited about getting out and voting is a process that requires some strategy. Here you will find many different ideas on how to engage citizens to get them to not only fill out a registration card, but to also show up at the polling place. We have also provided local and state specific voter registration information on how to get registration forms, check your voter registration status and other useful links. Learn more here.

Voter Education

Nonprofits can educate their constituencies on the voting process, candidates and ballot measures and different resources and hotlines available to them. The more people know about the voting process, the more likely they are to get out and vote. In this section, you will find plenty of ways to educate voters; we have also provided various online and print guides for elections, ballot measures and the voting process. Learn more here.

Work with Candidates

There are many ways nonprofits can work with candidates without compromising their 501(c)(3) status.  Whether it’s putting together a candidate forum or candidate questionairres, inviting candidates to your events, or meeting with them to discuss your work, the next section includes information about the best ways to work with candidates. This helps your organization remain visual and in turn, helps educate your constituency about candidates and upcoming elections. Learn more here.

Get out the Vote

People are most likely to vote when they have been contacted by someone they know or when they seek or receive help in the voting process. This section covers different activities that your nonprofit can do to encourage your community to vote. Learn more here.

Stay Nonpartisan

Here, we provide materials that are intended to help nonprofits understand the range of nonpartisan activities they may conduct related to voting and elections. In this section, you will find a comprehensive guide to nonpartisan voter engagement work; along with additional materials like our special issue factsheets and links to other useful resources. Learn more here.

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